With the first week since the launch of Animation Deconstructed passing by, I wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ to everybody who has supported the YouTube channel. website/blog, Facebook page and LinkedIn posts.

Being somebody who has run a small animation business for five years I had no idea how much I would learn when setting up Animation Deconstructed. Creating the content is easy, I already have close to 50 ideas written down for future videos and this list is only growing.

Without getting into the semantics of operating a blog and multiple Social Media platforms which post simultaneously, what has been and will continue to be a learning experience, is becoming more comfortable when speaking on the recordings. I know from experience that any new venture we take in our careers or in life brings new challenges, and it’s just a matter of time and consistency until we master these new skills.

This is the basis of this project. In a world that continues to be less and less certain I feel that there is a need for people to follow and learn skills that are associated with their passions.

This is inevitably what will get us through the toughest of times, should the current state of the world affect any of us. Having a true passion for what we do will help us push through the tough days because we are doing something which brings us excitement and happiness.

Again, thanks for all the continued support and I hope you enjoy all the future content. I promise that it will get a lot more creative over the next few weeks, and for those just starting out – yes, I will continue with teaching the basics, albeit, with a lot more creativity now that the introduction of After Effects is over.

For those looking forward to Spine Animation tutorials, I will be releasing these in about 2-3 weeks time, so keep an eye out for that.

Before I forget, this weeks video is all about Time Stretching Footage. We will be looking at how to blend frames so that you don’t get glitches or jitters in your footage and videos once you stretch them over a longer duration.

Until next time…