It took me a long time to think about where I would start with the videos, but after careful deliberation  I decided that it’s important to always have the basics to refer to, or better yet, create a solid foundation.

Nothing breaks creativity more than feeling like you ‘just can’t find that option‘ in After Effects.

For first time users the Interface can look extremely daunting, and even more so if you have never animated before.
Enter the After Effects Essentials Series. Over the coming weeks we will look at the absolute basics of how to navigate, import footage and start creating amazing animations in After Effects.

The first three videos released today are:

The User Interface:
Get to know the basics of navigating the application as you build a solid foundation before exploring the exciting creative tool which is After Effects.

Compositions and Footage:
Get to know the basics of how to bring in all your files (Images and Image Sequences, Photoshop Files, Illustrator Files, Video and Sound) into After Effects, and learn what a composition is and how to use them to make sure you get the best out of your projects.

Layers and Masks:
Get and overview of how to work with layers in After Effects and finally understand what all the switches, menus and options do. We will also look at creating masks and an advanced way to work with the mask feather tool.

Look forward to more videos in the coming days where we discover the basics of animation and how to work with time-stretching footage.

Until next time…