The first steps in any creative career can become overwhelming very quickly.

The amount of applications (to learn) alone can make a person feel like they are years away from having the adequate amount of knowledge to do their job properly.

This is a common mistake I far too often see.

At the end of the day we are all artists, and since the beginning time the true nature of an artist is to be a problem solver. We have always needed to find ways to make our vision a reality, from ancient man creating the first petroglyphs and petrographs on rock, to the modern day designers figuring out ways to create their visions with the tools they know.

This isn’t to say that we should become comfortable in our current level of proficiency. Learning a additional software will add new arsenal to your creative process and most certainly allow you to choose the best tool for any project you find yourself working on.

This brings us to today’s post. When I started working in animation my skill set revolved around Flash (Adobe Animate) and After Effects. Coming to grips with how powerful these two programs are was all I could concentrate on and there was no time to master a 3D application.

I can’t remember the exact project I was working on, but I remember the request, ‘We need you to create a fake 3D looking effect with this logo…‘. The below video is a much more simplified version of what I first came up with and hopefully it will help some people see that wherever there is a creative problem to solve, the tools you already know just might have a solution which can work for your situation.

Until next time…