In this After Effects tutorial I breakdown 4 Techniques for creating great Motion Design Logo Animations in After Effects.

These are a great place to start when dealing with any new Motion Design Logo animation in After Effects.

We take a look at using a very effective Motion Design Circle Reveal animation to bring in the Logo, then a Sliding Logo-type Text Reveal which we will tweak in the curve editor to gain a lot more impact. We will then add some Motion Elements to the animation using Particle World (as it is built in to After Effects) to save us time as well as glow to bring together the logo and motion graphics and design elements.

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0:00 Intro 00:32
Motion Design Circle Animation (Logo Reveal)
04:59 Logo-type Text Reveal
08:10 RTFX Generator Plugin
08:44 Motion Design Glow
10:05 Animated Motion Design Elements (Particle World)

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